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The holidays run a whole lot smoother when you prepare ahead of time.  Just like you’ll plan your menu and guest lists for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you should also be thinking ahead when it comes to Halloween.  These days, people love going all out for what is fast becoming America’s favorite fun holiday.  It seems like every year there are bigger and better displays for the home and costumes so inspired and brilliantly executed they go viral.

  • HalloweenOne of the ways party goers get the most from the Halloween holiday is to rent a hearse. But if you have never rented a hearse, how do you go about renting one for the night?  They usually aren’t promoted through rental companies.  That’s why we brought together some suggestions to finding hearses and funeral cars that you may be able to rent and how to make the most of them when you do.
  • Call your local hearse dealers. Some dealerships specialize in selling hearses and funeral cars. Since this is a very specialized market, they may be looking to make some extra money by renting out their hearses for the evening. Even if your local hearse dealer does not do this, it doesn’t hurt to call and ask. They might be able to tell you someone who will rent a hearse to you.
  • Find local hearse clubs. With the popularity of hearses these days, there are dozens of hearse clubs across the country. Find the websites of the ones in your area and see if they have classified ads that list owners who rent out their hearses.
  • Post an ad on Craigslist. Put the word out there that you want to rent a hearse for Halloween. A hearse owner may read your ad and offer their hearse for the night. They may even offer to chauffeur it for you for the evening.
  • Consider going farther afield if you need to.  Many companies that rent hearses and funeral cars realize they need to cover a larger market.  So check around for companies and organizations that rent hearses and advertise nationally.  Places like Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill in Spring Grove, PA offers rentals through their website.  UK subscribers can check out Gothic Limousines for their funeral car fun.

This isn’t the kind of thing you want to leave until the last minute.  Start hunting around and pricing your options around July in order to have the most choice.  Since there is plenty of demand in a market with only a few suppliers, inventory can dwindle pretty quickly.

Keep in mind that driving a hearse will be very different than driving your daily car (unless you normally drive larger trucks or extended sedans).  Driving a hearse does not require a special license (as long as you are just using it for your personal use) but handling a car that is longer does require some getting used to.  Plan to take some time practicing maneuverability in an empty parking lot for awhile before you start tooling around town.

As Halloween costumes, decorations and parties become ways to show off your creativity ad morbid sense of humor, special props like hearses can be a real benefit.  When you’re ready to rent one, checking locally and nationally is helpful but starting early will give you a leg up on the competition.




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