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Vanity Plates and Funeral Cars - A Good Idea or Bad Taste?

Vanity Plates and Funeral Cars – A Good Idea or Bad Taste?

People who own hearses and other types of funeral cars typically have a sense of humor. Granted, that sense of humor is usually on the morbid side, but it’s a sense of humor nonetheless. Some of them like to display their funny side on their vehicles with a clever and witty vanity plate. Unfortunately, many […]

More about the Shaw Funeral Home

More about the Shaw Funeral Home

On Tuesday, we told you about Shaw Funeral Home, a funeral business in Battle Creek, Michigan that just celebrated 100 years of ownership by the same family. Before funeral cars and hearses were even thought of, the Shaw Funeral Home was in its beginning stages. It started as the Buck, Hoyt and Co. funeral home […]

Searching for Hearses for Sale? Keep These Things in Mind

When you’re looking for hearses for sale, you generally want to do the same things you would do when buying a normal car. But since many young people are looking for hearses for sale to stand out among their friends, they might not know the buying process. Here are some tips to keep in mind […]

Funeral Cars Gather in Flint for MC Breed Funeral

I wouldn’t normally write about someone’s death on here, but this one is special to me because it’s about a famous person from Flint. Funeral cars gathered at the House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church in Flint, Michigan yesterday to mourn the loss of rapper MC Breed. Some of the biggest names in the hip-hop […]

New Jersey Accident Involves Funeral Cars and SUVs

You never hear about funeral cars getting involved in accidents very often, but it happened last week in New Jersey. In Rahway, New Jersey, a bus was stopped on St. Georges Avenue and Ross Street at the stoplight at about 1:15 PM on November 7. A hearse was parked behind the bus. An SUV slammed […]

Can You Drive Hearses in the Carpool Lane?

Carpool lanes are available in several metropolitan cities across the country. They are a way to lessen the congestion and encourage people to share rides and use less fuel. But many people often wonder: Can you drive hearses in the carpool lane if there is just the driver and a body in the back? The […]

Today's Funeral Directors Must Perform Many Activities, Including Driving Hearses

Today’s Funeral Directors Must Perform Many Activities, Including Driving Hearses

In an article entitled “Modern Funeral Directors Must Be Well-Rounded,” we learn that today’s funeral directors do more than just help grieving families set up their loved one’s funeral. Modern funeral directors must be experienced in embalming, casketing, driving hearses, dealing with insurance companies and much, much more. Some funeral directors do even more than […]

Hearses and Coffins Becoming More Customized for Funerals

At the recent convention in Florida for funeral directors all over the nation, one of the main topics was how to present more personalized funerals through hearses, caskets and other customized merchandise. One article even said “personalization” was the “catch word” at the convention. “The theory is people identify with certain brands. Coke. Mercedes-Benz,” said […]

Residents Concerned Crematory Invites Slew of Funeral Cars

Residents in a small town in Georgia are worried that a local crematory will bring lines of funeral cars through their neighborhood on a daily basis. Owners of the crematory assure the residents that the number of funeral cars will not disturb their quiet neighborhood located in Marietta at the corner of U.S. 78 and […]

Pets Riding in Hearses: Welcome to the 21st Century

Pets Riding in Hearses: Welcome to the 21st Century

A crematorium in the UK is using hearses to bring in animal companions before giving them a respectful sendoff. The Dignity Pet Crematorium in Winchfield specializes in collecting deceased pets in special animal hearses and then giving them a proper funeral with everything you’d expect from a human funeral. In addition to a funeral, the […]