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Women Prove the Funeral Business Isn't a Boy's Club Anymore

Women Prove the Funeral Business Isn’t a Boy’s Club Anymore

These days it’s easy to believe that gendered occupations are a thing of the past.  Today, girls grow up knowing they aren’t limited to teaching or nursing while young boys understand they don’t have to be firemen or grocers.  Still, there are some professions which are viewed as leaning heavily towards men or women.  When […]

Coping with Death on the Daily

Dealing With Grief on the Daily – Coping Strategies for Funeral Professionals

Working in the funeral business isn’t for everyone. It has a high burnout rate and coping with the emotions the job brings is, quite simply, a huge undertaking. Still, it’s a calling that needs professional, compassionate people and so every year thousands of people join the ranks. After a while, though, many start to feel […]