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Funeral Processions and Police Escorts - Who Gets Them and Why?

Funeral Processions and Police Escorts – Who Gets Them and Why?

Funeral processions are a fairly common occurrence in small towns, suburbs and cities alike.  While we are all used to seeing funeral processions, sometimes we see them accompanied by a police presence.  This has led to a number of questions about why some processions have this added feature and others don’t.  Many people think it’s […]

Mourner Offers Thanks to People Respecting Funeral Cars

We have written about the lack of respect that drivers have toward processions of funeral cars in recent years. Thankfully, however, I think more people show respect toward processions compared to the number of drivers who disrespect them. This editorial may be an indication of just that. In the piece, the writer thanks the people […]

Another Crash Involving Funeral Cars

Another car plowed into a procession of funeral cars last week because the driver wasn’t paying attention or they were just in too much of a hurry to care. The incident occurred near Cincinnati, Ohio near the intersection of MKL Boulevard and High Street. The driver told the officers that he didn’t notice the procession […]

Need for Funeral Cars Dwindling

Need for Funeral Cars Dwindling

We’ve written before about how people are paying less and less attention to processions of funeral cars and hearses. Not only are they paying less attention, they are disrespecting the funeral cars by cutting into the procession because they are in a hurry. An article in a Colorado newspaper recently addressed the fact that people […]