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Funeral Costs - What Goes Into the Final Price?

Funeral Costs – What Goes Into the Final Price?

For most people, there is a sense of ‘sticker shock’ when they plan and pay for a funeral.  Since planning a funeral often happens while a person is in a fragile emotional state, it can be easy for costs to mount up without the family realizing.  Even people who pay in advance for their funeral […]

Personalize a Loved One's Funeral With These Seven Simple Tips

Personalize a Loved One’s Funeral With These Seven Simple Tips

Funerals are the last time we have a chance to say goodbye to someone. For the most part, they are solemn occasions where people cry and hang their head in sadness. But there are some funerals that celebrate the person’s life more than mourning their death. These are the ones that personalize the ceremony to […]

Beyond the Little Guy - Who's Looking Out for the Dead Guy?

Beyond the Little Guy – Who’s Looking Out for the Dead Guy?

We live in an age where consumer rights is a given.  It’s now hard to believe there was a time when companies could deceive customers through false advertising or treat them poorly simply because they were the only game in town.  In the times before regulations to protect the public and consumer advocacy groups, before […]

Are DIY Funerals The Next Big Thing?

  We live in The Age of DIY.  From making your own porch swing and laying your own tile to handling your own divorce and even administering microdermabrasion treatments at home – if you ave a goal there’s a DIY product to help.  With the plethora of DIY products and services available, it seems like […]