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Funeral Procession Etiquette: Are We Showing Enough Respect Today?

Funeral Procession Etiquette: Are We Showing Enough Respect Today?

This summer, a solder’s actions during a funeral procession quickly went viral.  A photo of the soldier standing at attention and saluting as a funeral procession drove by was shared on social media and quickly spread like wildfire.  People from all over the country took a moment to applaud the soldier’s actions and engage in […]

Are Laws Against Funeral Protests Unconstitutional?

You’ve probably heard about the people who go out and protest at funerals for soldiers and servicemen who died in battle. If you haven’t heard, the group behind these protests is the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. They like to get a bunch of people together and hold up signs that say “You’re Going to […]

Are We Showing Enough Respect for Processions of Funeral Cars?

In today’s busy culture, many people find it difficult to stop for just a minute out of respect when we see a line of funeral cars passing by. But this columnist asks the question, “Why can’t I pay my respects?” The columnist – Valerie Boateng – recounts her experience of seeing a procession of funeral […]

Tips for Following Funeral Etiquette

Knowing how to follow funeral etiquette correctly is essential in today’s society where people have lost respect for others. Funeral etiquette shows that you care enough to be respectful to the grieving. Whether you are riding in the funeral cars with the bereaved or simply going to pay your respects, here are a few ways […]