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Women Prove the Funeral Business Isn't a Boy's Club Anymore

Women Prove the Funeral Business Isn’t a Boy’s Club Anymore

These days it’s easy to believe that gendered occupations are a thing of the past.  Today, girls grow up knowing they aren’t limited to teaching or nursing while young boys understand they don’t have to be firemen or grocers.  Still, there are some professions which are viewed as leaning heavily towards men or women.  When […]

What It Means to be a Funeral Director - Part 1

What It Means to be a Funeral Director – Part 1

The funeral industry is one of the more secure and recession-proof industries in the nation. However, it takes a special person to become a funeral director. A person needs to be compassionate, understanding, business savvy and willing to work with dead bodies in order to be successful. The profession is also quite misunderstood. Following are […]

Funeral Sciences Offers Job Security for Those With the Right Stuff

Funeral Sciences Offers Job Security for Those With the Right Stuff

Benjamin Franklin famously once said that “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  So it’s no surprise that in a time when layoffs are imminent and people are worried about where their next paycheck is coming from, the funeral services industry seems to be a secure place to work.  That’s exactly […]

funeral car fuel efficiency

How To Increase Funeral Car Fuel Efficiency

An interesting article about the auto start-stop feature got me to thinking about fuel efficiency in funeral cars. In a day when gas prices are hitting near $4 per gallon or more, fuel economy is becoming an increasingly more important concern for all drivers. It should also be an important concern for funeral directors. When […]

Funeral Directors Add Video Services for New Revenue Streams

The funeral industry has been struggling for some time now. There are a number of different reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the increase in cremations. Whatever the reason, many funeral directors are left wondering how they can drive new sales for their funeral homes. The answer might be found in using […]

Hundreds of Hearses Appear at Funeral Convention

Hundreds of Hearses Appear at Funeral Convention

If you drove by the Orange County Convention Center in sunny Florida this week, you are likely going to see hundreds of new and old hearses sitting in the parking lot. According to SFTV in Orlando, thousands of funeral directors and personnel are gathering at the state-of-the-art facility to get updated on the latest technologies […]

Hearses Help Drive Important Message Home in Indianapolis

Whenever people see a procession of hearses go by, they stop and take notice. That’s why funeral directors in Indiana’s Marion County offered their hearses and funeral cars to the city to promote the “Stop the Violence – Peace in the Streets” campaign earlier this month. Indianapolis just suffered its worth month in five years […]

All about Being a Funeral Director, Part 2

All about Being a Funeral Director, Part 2

Here are some more facts about funeral directors, including some of the things they must do in order to get licensed in the industry. • Many funeral directors embalm bodies themselves. However, a large number of them hire a licensed embalmer to take care of this job for them. • Funeral directors take care of […]