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Funeral car electronics repairs

Future Hearse Mechanics Will Be Electronics Engineers

Auto mechanics, including hearse and funeral car mechanics, are going back to school to be trained in auto electronics. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. New funeral car technologies are turning hearses and coaches into electronic machinery. Some of the latest technologies that are based on electronics and not mechanics […]

regular funeral car maintenance will make your fleet last longer

5 Ways To Make Your Funeral Car Last Longer

If you are looking for ways to make your funeral car last longer, there is good news for you. These simple technologies will go a long way to helping you take better care of each funeral car in you fleet. A back seat shelf – If you let your passengers destroy your funeral cars by […]

funeral car death of film

Funeral Car Used To Transport Film

All around the world every day funeral cars are used to transport the bodies of deceased persons in a service meant to honor their lives and contributions to their societies. It’s a fitting thing to do as a show of respect for life itself. But what if a funeral car was used to transport non-living […]

funeral car technology

Funeral Car Technology About To Break Out

Back in the early days, our parents and grandparents never dreamed that automobiles could do the things they do today. The automobile market has come a long way since the days of no air conditioners and a static-y radio. Not only do we now have electric cars, along comes new technology that will make us […]

Are You Ready for QR Codes and Fuel Savings Info on 2013 Auto Window Stickers?

Are You Ready for QR Codes and Fuel Savings Info on 2013 Auto Window Stickers?

If you haven’t heard of QR codes yet, you will. They are fairly new, but they are important – at least for mobile phone users. They are about to become even important to funeral home owners, funeral car manufacturers, and funeral car dealers too. Why? Because the 2013 auto window stickers being published and promoted […]