Where to Repair Your Cadillac Hearse: Dealership or Independent Garage?

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When it comes to the quality of Cadillac hearse repair, training, experience, and equipment make a difference. To meet manufacture requirements, Cadillac dealerships must provide certain training to all mechanics and must purchase specific equipment to be used on Cadillac automobiles. And since Cadillac mechanics tend to work mostly on Cadillac vehicles, they tend to be more specialized with Cadillac vehicles and equipment.

Years ago, any car enthusiast with mechanical know-how and a few tools could open an independent corner repair shop and was not held to any quality of service standards. Times have changed though as independent mechanics now must purchase specialized equipment, upgrade computer software, and participate in training programs on an ongoing basis if they intend to keep up with the advancing auto technology on newer car models.

“Customers should check if the repair shop has a blue seal of excellence (offered by Automotive Service Excellence Organization).”

There are a number of industry certifications that independent repair shops can obtain to show they are up to date with training and certain other requirements. As recommended by an article written by Alina Tugend of The New York Times, “Customers should check if the repair shop has a blue seal of excellence (offered by Automotive Service Excellence Organization) — about 400,000 mechanics nationwide do.” Other notable certifying bodies include NAPA Autocare, Triple-A and PPG Certification.

Choosing Between a Cadillac Mechanic and Independent

There is no doubt that your hearses will need repair and maintenance, and chances are you already have a reliable mechanic or repair shop you rely on. But if this is not the case, then you could spend hours or days researching dealerships and garages online and obtaining quotes and estimates before you make an appointment. One hassle you will find is that you must repeat yourself by giving each service provider the same information about your budget and repair needs.

To help address this, Heritage Coach has teamed up with the site to give you a free and easy way to help you make the best choice for your next hearse repair, while also giving us a chance to earn your business.

By visiting the Philadelphia market on the site you can register to make a repair request. By making a repair request, an email alert will go out to participating dealers and repair shops in the area, giving each of us a chance to consider your request and earn your business. The best part is, by using the site, you do not have to provide your personal contact information such as name, phone, and email, because all correspondence is handled on the site. Only once you choose which dealership or repair shop to take your business will you need to provide this information.

So if you want to shop around while giving us a chance, then make your repair request today. Of course, if we have already earned your business then take a moment to schedule a service appointment today from our website. And thanks for giving us a chance.

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