Time To Winterize The Coach

November 23, 2011 | | Comments 0

winterizing funeral coachesNow that winter is coming it’s time to start thinking about winter maintenance, something that every vehicle needs every year no matter how often you drive it. Have you winterized your funeral coaches yet?

The key to keeping your funeral vehicles operating in tip-top shape is ongoing maintenance. For winter, that means:

  • Radiator Flushes – At least once a year, maybe even twice, you should flush the radiator of each vehicle in your fleet. When you do, add new antifreeze.
  • Antifreeze – Speaking of antifreeze, use the 50/50 mix. Your funeral cars will like it a lot better than straight water.
  • Check Your Hoses – If your hoses leak fluid you could find your funeral vehicles overheating. You don’t want to break down right in the middle of a procession.
  • Belts – Check your belts to ensure they don’t break, especially your alternator belt.
  • Check your batteries – Cold weather can play havoc on a weak battery so make sure you check your cells and be sure your batteries are fully charged for the winter.
  • Tires – You’ll need plenty of tread on your tires too. Low tread can cause your funeral coaches to lose traction on icy roads.
  • Brakes – Be sure your brakes don’t slip. The cold weather is harder on your brakes than summer heat. You don’t want weak brakes during the winter months.

If you have not winterized your funeral fleet yet, start getting your coaches in for servicing.

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