Teach Your Hearse Drivers With GPS

October 29, 2012 | | Comments 0

safer funeral car driving with gps trackingParents are now using GPS tracking to teach their teens to be better drivers. But the good news for funeral directors is you can use the same technology to teach your funeral car and hearse drivers to become better drivers.

Many insurance companies offer incentives to the insured just for installing GPS tracking on their vehicles. If you ask your insurance company about their policy and they provide such discounts, why not take advantage of the opportunity and add the GPS tracking devices to your funeral cars? You can then use it to help your funeral car drivers improve their skills.

GPS tracking comes in many formats. Some tracking devices are installed on smartphones. Others are installed directly into the vehicle and even provide reporting and feedback via Bluetooth or Internet-based technologies.

Such technology can be a great opportunity to help your staff become more proficient and safe drivers. That in turn will reduce your insurance premiums. But I think we can all agree that having funeral car drivers fully trained on safe driving practices benefits us all. So improve your funeral fleet with GPS tracking, help create safer drivers, and lower your insurance premiums – all in one move. Contact your funeral car dealer today and ask about GPS tracking.

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