Are We Ready For Solar Funeral Processions?

March 28, 2012 | | Comments 0

solar roadways and funeral carsLet’s dream a little. Someday funeral directors may be leading processions through city streets and rural byways on solar roadways. But what would that look like exactly?

First, it’s important to understand that, according to the solar roadway inventor, this scenario does more than provide funeral car drivers with a new system of road. It also is a step in getting America’s vehicles – including hearses and funeral cars – off of fossil fuel and solving the complications of the energy situation.

Specifically, solar roadways have implications in the following areas:

  • Cleaning up America’s landfills
  • Inventing a new power grid that is delivered to homes, businesses, and other users through the roadway eliminating power lines everywhere
  • Migration from petroleum-based asphalt roads to roads made of glass and LED nodes
  • Potential for every car on the road including funeral cars to be 100% powered by electric energy
  • Reduction of your, and our collective, carbon footprint

That’s a big dream, huh?

According to inventor Scott Brusaw, it’s doable. In fact, he says solar roadways could pay for themselves while powering your funeral business, your funeral car, and the entire nation. The big question is, what would your electric funeral car service center look like once this solar roadway system is complete? I don’t think anyone thought to ask him that.

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