Save Your Funeral Coaches From Viruses

August 31, 2012 | | Comments 0

funeral cars and automobile computer virusesComputers get viruses. Cars have computers. Can they get viruses too?

Yes, the verdict is out. It’s possible that automobiles can get viruses. After all, they use the same technology that cell phones and Bluetooth devices use. Therefore, they are capable of being hacked. It’s important for funeral directors to understand that auto viruses are preventable. It’s also important to understand that auto manufacturers have a handle on it.

Some auto makers are working with computer virus companies like Intel McAfee to install their virus software, or something similar, to in-car technology. As a result of these relationships, auto makers are making vehicles more secure.

Due to more secure in-car technology, auto viruses are rare. They are also being prevented in great measure and keeping auto owners, including funeral directors, out of their dealer’s service departments.

In-car technology is changing the way auto owners drive. Even funeral cars are coming with the best technology installed. Lane change departure, smart windshield wipers, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems are just some of the in-car technology that many vehicles, funeral cars included, are coming equipped with right off the assembly line. And these digital technologies are safer than ever before. Auto security will only get better.

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