Funeral Car Technology About To Break Out

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funeral car technologyBack in the early days, our parents and grandparents never dreamed that automobiles could do the things they do today. The automobile market has come a long way since the days of no air conditioners and a static-y radio. Not only do we now have electric cars, along comes new technology that will make us think the vehicle is driving itself. Funeral car technology is no exception.

In the next decade, some of the changes that are likely to affect the funeral coaches you drive include:

  • Intelligent Tire System/Fill Assist – This technology will be a sensor mounted on the inner tire tread. It will alert the driver to low air pressure, when the tires are low on tread and, amazingly, when the driver is going too fast for icy roads. This funeral car technology will benefit funeral directors as you will know when your hearse tires will need attention before a funeral procession.
  • Active Force Foot Pedal – This brings a physical sensation to the driver’s foot on the pedal. For instance, if the vehicle in front of you stops suddenly, the foot pedal will push against the driver’s foot to alert the driver to brake. This is especially good news if you have looked off for that split second and didn’t see the car in front braking.
  • Emergency Steering – This service technology will help drivers in an emergency situation. It will not do the steering for you, but it will prevent you from steering in the wrong direction. For instance, if you need to swerve left to avoid an oncoming car or other object, you’ll get a gentle suggestion as to which way you should steer your funeral car.
  • AutolinQ – In an effort to stop drivers from using their cell phones while driving, AutolinQ will provide an option for the driver to have his/her emails or RSS feeds read aloud. While this may not be something everyone needs, it can increase your funeral service efficiency by allowing you to keep tabs on your electronic communications when not in your office. AutoLinQ is being rolled out by Continental.
  • LCD Dash Modes – Future funeral car designs may give you the option of putting your dash in a certain LCD mode. For instance, in Eco mode you will be able to see how economical your gas mileage and driving habits are. There will also be a Sport mode and Comfort mode.

Funeral cars will have access to all the latest technology featured on traditional vehicles. Funeral car service will adapt to keep pace with this technology too. It has never been easier to drive a vehicle than it is today with these new innovations.

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