Funeral Car Used To Transport Film

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funeral car death of filmAll around the world every day funeral cars are used to transport the bodies of deceased persons in a service meant to honor their lives and contributions to their societies. It’s a fitting thing to do as a show of respect for life itself. But what if a funeral car was used to transport non-living objects such as analog movie film?

That’s precisely what one movie theater in Pennslyvania did. They rented a funeral car to transport 35 millimeter film after converting their movies to digital.

Movie theaters all across America are having to make the conversion. Hollywood studios have announced that they will be making and distributing completely in digital format as early as next year. That means that movie theaters will have to make the conversion as well or they will be relics of the past. We may need funeral processions for them as well.

It’s a fitting token of respect, especially when you consider that Hollywood itself has often used funeral cars as props in its movies. Now, the movies are being used as props in the funeral cars.

I’m sure that funeral cars have been used for much worse. There are some creative and, perhaps, uncanny ways that funeral cars can be of service. Any way you look at it, it all boils down to showing the proper respect for the deceased – whether the deceased be persons or technology.

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