Driving Older Funeral Cars?

June 27, 2012 | | Comments 0

Even funeral service companies are driving older cars for longer.Funeral companies typically buy newer vehicles on average a lot more often than other drivers. That’s because funeral cars get used more often and wear out sooner. But the recent trend is to keep funeral cars in the fleet longer and many funeral directors are keeping their older funeral cars longer. Why?

One reason could be the downed economy. Since the economy has been slow in recovering there have been fewer auto consumers willing to purchase new vehicles. And that includes funeral directors.

Another reason is because older funeral cars are lasting longer thanks to service departments and regular maintenance routines.

If you knew that your funeral car fleet could last longer and save your company more money in the long run, even with regular maintenance expenses, would you opt for driving older cars and keeping them in your fleet longer? Or would you still purchase newer vehicles every year?

New vehicle sales declined in 2009 by 21 percent while used car sales increased.

Sales of newer cars are on the rise again, but high income earners are the ones making the purchases. That includes wealthy funeral service companies. Auto consumers on the lower end of the economic spectrum are still driving older cars.

What about you? Is your funeral company keeping its older cars longer or are you still buying new funeral cars?

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