Funeral Coach Driving Habits And Fuel Efficiency

July 17, 2011 | | Comments 0

After a driving experiment, fuel efficiency experts have identified several driving habits that anyone driving any type of vehicle can employ to reduce the money they spend on fuel costs at the pump. These practical driving habits apply just as well to funeral coaches.

Here are 5 ways you can get better fuel efficiency with your funeral car just by changing your driving habits:

  1. Do you idle your engine a lot? If so, turn it off. Just 15 minutes of idling can burn up a quarter gallon of fuel.
  2. Use the cruise control on your funeral coach. Most modern vehicles have them and by using cruise control you will not have rapid swings in speed on the highway. Those speed swings cause greater fuel inefficiency.
  3. Reduce your speed. Driving your funeral coach 10 miles slower can save up to 4 mpg on the highway.
  4. Lower your cargo weight. A mere 100 pounds of extra weight can add 2% to the fuel mileage of your funeral vehicle. If possible, take out extra weight when driving your funeral car.
  5. Check your tire pressure regularly. Ten pounds of tire pressure can make your vehicle work harder and decrease your fuel efficiency by 3%.

If you want better performance from your funeral coach, try increasing your fuel efficiency with these driving tips.

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