Apple Encourages Hands-Free Driving For Funeral Cars

May 20, 2012 | | Comments 0

Safe funeral car driving with hands-free remote controlOn-the-road driving is changing, even for funeral directors. There is the advance in technology that allows drivers to play around with their Bluetooth devices, iPads, and other handheld technologies. These technologies pose a danger to drivers on the road. Many people are causing accidents.

To encourage safer driving, many states are passing laws against the use of such devices while driving. Still, manufacturers are installing them in vehicles anyway. And consumers want them.

Even many funeral directors have expressed in interest in certain types of in-dash technologies such as GPS navigation. But those technologies require hands.

Apple, one of the largest manufacturers of the handheld devices that are causing accidents has been granted a patent for a remote control that attaches to your steering wheel so that you can control those handheld and in-dash technologies. The remote control can help you with your funeral business as well. Install it on your funeral cars so your drivers can operate the radio and GPS navigation without taking their hands off the wheel.

Do you think this is a good idea? As funeral director, is this a device you could see your company investing in for safer driving of your funeral car fleet? Is hands-free driving important for funeral cars?

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