5 Ways To Make Your Funeral Car Last Longer

July 25, 2012 | | Comments 0

regular funeral car maintenance will make your fleet last longerIf you are looking for ways to make your funeral car last longer, there is good news for you. These simple technologies will go a long way to helping you take better care of each funeral car in you fleet.

  1. A back seat shelf – If you let your passengers destroy your funeral cars by leaving trash about, then you’ll be making more purchases. Add a shelf to the back seat to prevent spills and for leaving used tissue behind for easier cleanup.
  2. Add an oil monitoring system – Surprisingly, most automobiles on the road don’t have them, but your funeral car should. This is a life saver. Your daily maintenance will be a lot easier with an oil monitoring system.
  3. MPG monitor – Watch your bottom line by monitoring your miles per gallon. Fuel efficiency in an age of rising gas prices is very important, especially for a funeral business.
  4. Shift interlocks – If your drivers shift gears while your funeral car is in motion, they are destroying your CVTs. Your funeral cars will last longer with shift interlocks.
  5. Maintenance access – Routine maintenance is very important on every funeral car in your fleet. Drive your funeral car into your nearest service department on occasion for a checkup.

Keep your funeral cars healthy by performing routine maintenance and taking care of them all around.

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