Are You Ready for QR Codes and Fuel Savings Info on 2013 Auto Window Stickers?

June 21, 2011 | | Comments 0

If you haven’t heard of QR codes yet, you will. They are fairly new, but they are important – at least for mobile phone users. They are about to become even important to funeral home owners, funeral car manufacturers, and funeral car dealers too.

Why? Because the 2013 auto window stickers being published and promoted by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency will be featuring a QR code in the bottom right corner of the sticker.

What is a QR code?

For the most part, a QR code is a bar code, much like the UPC codes you are already familiar with on grocery items. The QR code offers a way for mobile phone users to scan the code to perform some sort of action ranging from auto loading a text message to auto loading a web page on the mobile web browser of your smartphone.

Beginning with the vehicle year 2013, all vehicles manufactured will have these new vehicle window stickers with QR codes. This will allow funeral home owners buying a new funeral car the ability to scan the QR code and be taken to a government website, which will give them information about the best kind of car to drive for their driving habits. Below is an example of the new auto window sticker with a QR code.

The new automobile window stickers will feature other type of information as well. For instance, they will include important information about funeral cars such as environmental impact, fuel cost information, fuel economy stats, air quality information, and other similar information. Funeral service customers will soon be able to see if your funeral home is being wise in your selection of vehicles, and if you charge customers mileage, then the window stickers (along with the QR codes) could become critical selling points for your service.

For more information about the new vehicle window stickers with QR codes, visit the article 2013 Vehicle Window Stickers to Feature QR Code and New Energy Metrics.

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