Planning Your Funeral Online – How to Click Your Way to the Perfect Funeral

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Shopping online.  We do it for everything from our new television sets to what we’ll order for lunch.  Checking into stores on social media to unlock coupons, getting alerts from discount sites for local deals and even being able to manage, move and protect our credit and savings in real time through applications – the Internet simply makes life easier.

Turns out, it can made death a lot easier too.

More and more people are planning their funerals online.  They use a variety of tools and websites to contact local funeral homes, choose their final resting place and handle the details of death while cozied up on the couch or in a coffee bar with excellent WiFi.

Before you write these people off as OCD weirdos with too much time on their twisted little hands, consider the benefits of planning your funeral online.  Using certain websites and online tools makes planning a funeral fairly easy.  You no longer have to go around to each funeral home in your area to view their selections or consider their services.  Having the Internet at your disposal also gives you access to options you may never have learned about otherwise.

There are a variety of burial options offered nationally and even globally.  There are, for example, options for people who want their remains to become part of marine coral reefs.  Since this process uses cremated remains, it doesn’t matter where the person lived – their remains can be shipped and incorporated into the Eternal Reefs before being placed in marine areas in need of supporting coral reefs.

Finally, there’s the benefit of simply being able to control the costs and the details of how you want to be remembered.  With a few online tools, people can plan everything from what happens to their body after they die to which songs they want played at their funeral.

We’ve brought together a small sample of the websites and tools available to you which can make things easier on your loved ones once you’ve crossed over.

Consumer Funeral Planning Information – Before you begin planning, take time to learn what to expect when it comes to quality and price.  The government maintains a website dedicated to protecting consumers from shady sales practices and price gouging.  Check out their website before you begin planning and you’ll be able to find services that offer value for you now and quality for your loved ones later.

The Funeral Site – This is a great place to start if you are just beginning the process of planning your own funeral.  The site has dozens of useful articles, links and resources.  You can also access simple, blank legal forms in order to make some declarations formally.   Their simple and straight-forward design makes it easy to navigate and an ideal place to begin planning.

My Wonderful Life – My Wonderful Life is kind of like Pinterest for funerals.  The website encourages users to think about their life story when planning for their memorial.  It offers prompts to create shareable memories, upload photos, create your own memorial website and even write your own obituary.  It also offers ways for your family to log in after you’re gone in order to find out your plans and learn where important papers or items may be located.  It serves as a valuable resource to your family.

If I Die – For those who want to make sure they don’t die with anything left unsaid, there’s If I Die.  It’s a email service that stores locked notes to people in your life.  Once you die, the notes are sent to each person.  It’s a simple concept and one many people have started to use as a way to ensure they get the final word.

From the color of your casket  to the number of funeral cars you want for your final journey, planning your own funeral is the only way to ensure your funeral happens on your terms.   These websites can help you plan the perfect funeral easily, securely and in a way that leaves behind a resource for your family.  It’s the modern way to take care of your family, even after you’re gone.

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