The Personalization Trend in the Funeral Industry

January 16, 2016 | | Comments 0

As baby boomers grow older, the face of the Funeral industry has changed to meet their specific needs … and expectations. Boomers have a different sense of appreciation for the funeral service, and they’re interested in getting something different from it than many previous generations. Today, funerals are as different from one another as weddings.

Take, for example, personalization services. Through personalization services, funeral directors and families work together to make a funeral more meaningful, and more creative. Whether it is something as simple as a multimedia display or something more complex such as alternative funeral activities, people want to be able to celebrate their loved ones’ lives in a unique way.

Part of this trend also has to do with changes in media. With the advent of the successful HBO show “Six Feet Under,” more people are interested in the workings of the funeral home. With public mourning events following 9/11, people are also much more aware of how they approach loss on a community basis.

Whatever challenges lay ahead, today’s funeral directors are up to the task. Noteworthy developments in how funerals are handled include

Eternal Wreaths – Eternal Wreaths are concrete balls which are filled with the cremated remains of a person and then dropped in various bodies of water to help create artificial reefs to support marine life. Once seen as a bit strange, there are now a handful of companies that offer the service for people who want to remain a part of the cycle of life in a different way.

Bringing Back the Irish Wake – Irish Wakes have a history of being something more akin to a party than the traditional funeral.  This positive approach to saying goodbye one last time has grown in popularity as Baby Boomers focus on celebrating the life of the dearly departed as opposed to focusing on the loss. Funerals homes have stepped up their services in this area by offering more casual areas for families to gather.

Customized Hearse Options – Customizing the hearse used in a funeral is one of the most popular forms of funerary customization. Whether it’s choosing a Harley Davidson hearse or going old school and recreating the horse drawn days, customized hearses offer people the chance to easily personalize the funeral.

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