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SpeedLimit_3Funeral cars aren’t meant for speed, as anyone in the Funeral Industry can tell you. Driving a hearse requires a certain degree of decorum, as well as a health respect for the deceased.  In fact, when most people think about funerals and those in the industry, speed is usually the last thing on their minds.

But in 2008, a news story about a director fired for speeding changed all that and made headlines on both sides of the ocean.  The incident happened in Glasgow, Scotland, where one funeral director found out just how seriously his employer takes that idea.

Funeral director Scott Ralston was fired from his job at Co-operative Funeral Care at Shieldhall, Glasgow, after an incident that took place in October of 2007. His employer accused him of not showing enough respect for the deceased in the way he drove. Ralston had been employed by the firm for 16 years prior to the incident.

Ralston’s employer claimed that he squealed his tires, honked his horn, and and drove “faster than five miles per hour.” These actions were against the policy of the company, according to company statements, and led to Ralston’s dismissal from the agency.

Scott Ralston

Scott Ralston

Ralston was vindicated, however, at a tribunal hearing. The tribunal discovered that it was standard practice for funeral directors to drive a hearse faster than five miles per hour, and they also noted that there were signs telling directors to use their horns at the exit of the funeral home garage.  After hearing the ruling of the tribunal, Scott reported he felt “totally vindicated”.



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