Technology and the Funeral Industry

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gravestone technology

Technology has made rapid gains over the last 15 years and continues to grow at a furious pace. The funeral industry has not stood still technologically.

Apps and video are just two of the ways today’s funeral homes are taking advantage of technology. Technology has allowed funeral directors to provide a wider range of services to customers while increasing efficiency.

Here are three technological advances that have improved the funeral service offerings today.

Funeral Webcasting

As much as friends and family would like attend a memorial service in person, that isn’t always possible. Travel, costs, and health issues are some reasons for not being able to attend services.

Fortunately, funeral webcasting is now available. Funeral webcasting allows family and friends to view the service live on the internet. The service can also be taped so it’s always available in the future. This funeral technology has been a important breakthrough in the field, allowing everyone to pay their last respects.

Gravestone Technology

One of the most unique funeral service offerings over the last few years launched by Objecs, LLC is an interactive gravestone. RosettaStones are iPod-sized stone tablets that employ RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) that can store a picture and up to 1,000 words. These pictures and words come to life with this amazing technology.

The content is transported to a mobile device when family and friends visit their loved ones. It definitely makes visits to the cemetery more memorable. The tags affixed to the headstones last forever.

Personalized Memorial Websites

Technology now provides a place where we continue to celebrate and enjoy the life of our lost loved ones. Memorial websites are great because pictures, videos, stories, condolences and other important content can be compiled in one centralized place.

Memorial sites are also a great place to post charitable donations. We often see “in lieu of flowers” send a donation in the name of the deceased.

Younger and future generations will get to know relatives that they never had the privilege to meet. These sites also help family members with the grieving process and are sure to leave visitors with a positive memory.

We look forward to bringing you other technological advances in the funeral industry in future posts.

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