Funeral Directors Add Video Services for New Revenue Streams

March 05, 2010 | | Comments 0

Webcams for video service funeral homeThe funeral industry has been struggling for some time now. There are a number of different reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the increase in cremations. Whatever the reason, many funeral directors are left wondering how they can drive new sales for their funeral homes. The answer might be found in using new technologies.

The advancement of the Internet has led to the creation of thousands of new tools that small businesses can leverage. The best part for funeral directors is that along with the increase in new tools, costs for using those tools have been decreasing at a similar rate. By leveraging certain technologies and getting creative, funeral directors can find ways to drive new revenue streams for their funeral homes, while their competitors are left trying to do the same old thing.

Video Services could be a huge growth opportunity for funeral directors. Funeral directors can create a new service whereby families pay to have live video feeds coming from their viewing. This allows friends and family who live out of town to participate in the funeral. Webcams can be setup throughout the funeral home, along with computer monitors. This will allows friends and family to log on from the comfort of their own homes, watch the viewing, and even video chat with other friends and family who are attending the viewing. Technologies like Oovoo and Skype can be leveraged for this new video service. Guess what? Both of these video chat software tools are absolutely free.

Funeral Directors add Video Services

There are even new Startups being born around video services for funeral homes. Online-Funeral is one of those Startups. For a service fee, you can outsource this new service to Online-Funerals and they will take care of everything for you. With that said, it may be that many funeral directors will want to set this up themselves as it’s really not too complicated. If anything, you can bring in a technology/video expert to help install your webcams and computer monitors with either Skype or Oovoo. Either way, by leveraging technology and thinking creatively about your funeral home business, funeral directors can create new revenue streams. For those funeral directors who maintain the status quo, the numbers do not look to be in your favor. Take advantage of the tools that are out there and you’ll be very happy with the results.

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