Insuring Your Funeral Car – An Overview

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If you are a funeral home director, then your hearses and funeral cars will be insured as commercial vehicles. This is a business expense that cannot be helped, and as your vehicle is, in fact, being used in commercial practice it is a fair and reasonable charge. However, if you are a private collector of funeral cars, then you may object to having your car insured as a commercial vehicle. Here are some tips collected from funeral car enthusiasts to help private owners save money on insurance.


Decide How You Will Use the Car
If your funeral car is a showpiece, taken out only for meetings, events or parades, you may be able to insure it as a classic car or antique car. Some insurance companies, though not all, offer special rates for these types of vehicles provided that they are driven only occasionally.

Likewise, most insurance companies offer low rates on all cars that are driven less than 5,000 miles per year. If your driving will fall within the insurer’s annual limit, then you may be able to avoid the “commercial vehicle” label and find a low premium.

Decide How Much Insurance You Need
Although your funeral car may be very important to you, it may or may not have a high cash value. Like any other car, you will need to determine your own “break even” point, the point at which it does not make sense to purchase additional insurance. If the car is not rare or valuable, you may wish to lower the amount of insurance you carry, thus lowering your premiums.

Consider Paying Annually or Semi-Annually
Regardless of your funeral car’s classification, you may be able to save money on insurance by paying the premiums in one or two payments rather than monthly. This option requires an upfront outlay of cash but can result in significant long-run savings.

Insuring a private funeral car need not be expensive. Take the time to compare the quotes from several different companies, and be sure to explain exactly how the car will and will not be used. In the meantime, if you are still in the market for the perfect funeral car, be sure to contact our friendly dealership for new and used hearse sales.

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