How Offering Pre-Need Services for the Future Can Boost Your Business Today

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Funeral homes have been using pre-need services as a way to grow their business for years.  A well-rounded pre-need program is certainly a great way to ensure financial stability in the future, but there are also ways it can benefit your business now.

Develop a Reputation as a Resource

By offering pre-need services, you will be casting your funeral home in the role of a resource.  Walking clients through the options and decision making process empowers them while effectively marketing your funeral home.  Cultivating valuable online resources including articles, how-to manuals and access to your services positions you as the Go To place when it comes to funeral needs locally.

Increase Community Profile

A 2017 survey by Homesteaders Life Company found that 73% of pre-need policy holders didn’t shop around when it came time to get their end-of-life needs in order. Instead, they went with the first place that came to mind. Competition can be tough in many markets, especially when independent funeral homes come up against national chains.

That’s why developing a reputation as a local resource is so important.  Offering a robust catalog of information via valuable online content and time sensitive resources keeps your funeral home in front of the local community.   Delivering information and support should be considered as important a part of your marketing strategy as advertising.

Boosts Word of Mouth Advertising

When you and your team delivers a pre-need program that is accessible, easy to arrange and delivered with an informative, low-pressure approach, you’ve not only earned a client, you’ll likely earn great word of mouth advertising as well.  An industry survey found that 56% of those surveyed learned about pre-need services from a close friend or family member. Those same respondents then turned around and were only too happy to recommend those services to someone they knew. In fact, a whopping 96% of policy holders said they would consider recommending pre-need services to someone they knew and 42% had already spoken to friends or family about it within two months of going through the process.

Encourages Creativity and Family Involvement

The nature of going through end-of-life services means that a person can truly tailor their memorial to be what they want.  They don’t need to worry about family members forgetting a detail, overlooking something or simply having to juggle details during such a difficult time.  By working with a funeral professional, pre-need clients can create their ideal memorial, including everything from a by-the-book traditional service to a multimedia presentation live streamed via social media.  Being able to offer customized options as part of a pre-need package adds a new dimension of customer service and gives your funeral home the distinction of being at the forefront of funeral trends and cutting edge options.

Offering pre-need services has become standard practice, but that doesn’t mean it has to be routine.  Use your pre-need programs as a springboard for ways to increase visibility, improve community outreach and ultimately boost your business.


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