Homesteaders Releases Update on Pre-Need Motivators

June 23, 2018 | | Comments 0

One of the most important challenges to running any service business is understanding the customer – what they want, what they need and how to somehow deliver both as seamlessly as possible.  It’s a tall order no matter what line of business you’re in.  The job is made more difficult when your service is delivered only after your client passes away.  For funeral directors it’s an issue they deal with every day and it’s a big reason why so many people in the funeral industry recommend making pre-need funeral arrangements.

Today’s funeral homes offer plenty of choice when it comes to different types of memorials or services down to what kind of funeral car they want.  Literally every detail can be planned so that a person’s send-off is everything they want.  Alternatively, families can come in to discuss what everyone wants – the photos the family will display, the type of flowers, the music and every other detail.

While pre-need arrangements have been available for many years, many people still don’t go through the process and others don’t even realize it’s an option.  Funeral homes work through a number of channels including local advertising, community involvement and social media to help educate the public while advertising their services.  This is where understanding the motivation behind have a pre-need arrangement can come in handy.  If you know what’s driving someone’s decision then you’re simply in a better position to meet that need.

Homesteaders Life Company, a national leader in pre-need funeral funding, recently released their newest edition of Pre-Need Motivators.   The report delivers valuable insight into what drives people to capitalize on the pre-need arrangement option as well as giving a general idea of the demographics of those who make the most of the service.

Dean Lambert, Homesteaders Senior VP-Marketing & Communications, explained that this new edition is “particularly exciting because it examines the pre-need experience from the perspectives of both funeral directors and the client families we mutually serve.”  In short, the report includes not only the results of a survey with people who have already made their arrangements, but also with the funeral professionals who helped them through the process.  Providing insights from both sides of the fence can give funeral professionals who may want to improve their pre-need service valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Get the full report as a free download direct from the Homesteaders website.

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