Funeral Home Owners Promote Local Content to Drive Awareness

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Back in September we wrote an article explaining to funeral home owners and funeral directors that they should consider getting involved in their local community events as a way to build awareness for their funeral homes. In that article we discussed how funeral home owners could host their own community events OR partner with other local businesses to lend a helping hand during their local events. Both are excellent tactics for building local awareness for your funeral home. With that said, not all funeral home owners or funeral directors have time to lend a hand at more than a few community events, let alone host their own local events. For those of you who are looking to use local marketing strategies to promote your funeral home, consider turning your social media channels into local community news hubs.

funeral homes support communityIf you don’t have the time to attend or host enough community events to truly grow awareness for your funeral home then you can use your Facebook Page and Twitter Account to connect with the local community. Local news is HUGE on social media. Facebook and Twitter allow people to connect with complete strangers around similar interests. As a funeral home owner, you must get pretty creative to come up with effective marketing tactics. Most of the time customers come from the local community, referrals, and relationships. With that said, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time actively promoting your funeral home services. By taking advantage of a shared interest (local news topics) between your business and your prospects (the local community) you can engage them in discussions around those those topics through your social media channels.

Promote Local Content

There are probably hundreds of websites out there who focus on promoting either news or events (or both) in your local area. Why not take advantage of that great local content by promoting it through your Facebook & Twitter accounts. Start connecting with the best local news & events sites out there, follow them & engage with them. Share that content with your online community. You can then engage local community members (your prospects) in online conversations around the local content that you’re promoting. Over time this tactic will allow you to build many relationships with your target audience that you otherwise would not have been able to do through traditional marketing tactics.

Create Local Content

If you have time and you have the tools (a blog, e-newsletter, online radio show, YouTube video series, etc) you can create you own local content. It’s always more valuable to create your own content than to promote others’ content, as when you’re promoting your content you’re driving traffic back to YOUR websites. If you have a blog for your funeral home you can start drafting localized content. Pick up on local news stories and put your own spin on it. Help promote a great local cause or event. There are countless local content topics that funeral home owners can discuss. Once you create the content you can promote it through Facebook and Twitter, as discussed above. Creating your own content will simply allow you to generate even more awareness and build more relationships than simply promoting others’ content.

Whether you decide to create your own content or promote the content from local sources, the main thing is to engage your local community around that content. Use your social media channels to start building relationships with your target audience. Use your local community as your conversation starter. You’ll be happy with the results if you put some serious time into this.

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