Funeral Home Controversy in Suburban Chicago

March 02, 2009 | | Comments 4

When you think about a cemetery, you rarely think controversy. People don’t mind having one in their neighborhood. Cemeteries are relatively quiet, as neighbors go, and they’re unobtrusive.

However, a funeral home, at least in the minds of some folks in Arlington Heights, IL, is a very different prospect. There, a funeral home with hopes to move its business near a cemetery in that town has neighbors complaining.

Photo Courtesy of Worthington Funeral Home in Rushville, IL

The primary reason people are complaining is that they say the funeral home is “a constant reminder of death,” according to a local news story. Locals are also worried, however, that overflow traffic from the home would wind up blocking the narrow street that it will be located on. Some homeowners are concerned about flooding problems, or about how the funeral home’s presence would affect their housing values.

The Arlington Heights Village Board will have to give final approval before ground is broken on the new funeral home.

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  1. I have also website for Chicago Funeral Homes. they are provide local news in city.

  2. It’s true…But how can one solve it..??

  3. Why is there a photograph of the entryway to our funeral home on your website. This is a picture from OUR website and why are you using it in conjunction with another funeral home.

  4. Ryan G says:

    @James ..sorry about causing a stir. The image is being referenced from your website and we thought it would look nice in this post. I have updated the post to include a caption under the photo giving mention of your funeral home. Also, the image now links to your website as well. This is good for SEO purposes for you. I hope this addresses your concern.

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