Funeral Costs – What Goes Into the Final Price?

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For most people, there is a sense of ‘sticker shock’ when they plan and pay for a funeral.  Since planning a funeral often happens while a person is in a fragile emotional state, it can be easy for costs to mount up without the family realizing.  Even people who pay in advance for their funeral are often surprised at the bottom line.

While costs can vary widely depending on region, there are basically five components that contribute to the final cost of a funeral.  Here we’ve laid them out one at a time so you can better understand what goes into the cost and how you can get value for your money as well as guiding you through the decisions you will need to make whether you are planning a funeral for someone else or pre-planning your own.

funeral carsThese days, you can spend as little or as much on a loved one’s funeral as you want to. With DIY funerals, green funerals and all the other options, prices can range in the hundreds to the thousands of dollars. But in order to estimate how much you want to spend, you have to know which items you want. Following are some decisions you’ll need to make in order to figure out how much you’ll be spending for a funeral.

Type of Service
Are you going to choose an open casket, closed casket or memorial service for your loved one? The costs are different for each one. The memorial service is the least expensive because you can have it in your home or somewhere else that seems appropriate.

Cremation vs. Burial
A cremation costs less than a burial and it’s sometimes cheaper because you can save on other costs, such as embalming and casket costs.

Family Cars
Funeral homes generally charge for the funeral cars you want involved in the procession. Usually, there is a family car, a hearse, and a lead car. But you can add more to this or do without the family car if you want to.

Caskets and Urns
Caskets are obviously more costly than urns. With a casket, you also need to consider the cost of a burial plot.

Funeral Homes
Some funeral homes are owned by large corporations while some are small, family-owned facilities. Many times, the smaller ones will offer a price break, but they can also be more expensive.

The best way to estimate the costs for a funeral is to start researching prices before you need the services. This helps you make more logical decisions when the time actually comes to use funeral services.

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