Do Teens Who Play Taps Need Legal Protection?

May 12, 2016 | | Comments 0


Recently, we discussed a shortage of musicians to play Taps at military funerals.  This shortage has resulted in a number of private musicians stepping up to offer their services to honor fallen soldiers.  One group of musicians who are now receiving legal protection are students who are excused from class in order to play Taps for soldiers.

Illinois state representative Don Moffit has introduced a bill which would protect students who are excused from classes in order to play at a military service.  The Republican from Gilson introduced the bill after hearing the story of Jack Bumann, a high school student who has played Taps at the funerals of around two dozen soldiers.

There have, however, been questions about the motivation behind the bill  After all, Baumann didn’t report any problems with getting time away from school in order to play.   Some critics have questioned the thinking behind passing a seemingly needless bill.   But others claim passing the bill honors the students who choose to volunteer their time and services this way while promoting the idea in schools.

Is this a case of political overreach and a politician looking to generate some favorable headlines?  Or could it be a genuine effort to promote student volunteerism by putting protections in place?

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