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Last month we discussed how Funeral Home Owners and Funeral Directors can add a funeral home to Google Places in order to build awareness of their services and drive more traffic to their website, blog, and other online assets. For this post, we are going to discuss a new revenue source for Funeral Home Owners.

Obituaries printed in the local newspaper allow readers to know if anyone they knew has died. Obituaries usually describe the individual who died, provide funeral arrangements, and state the surviving family members. Obituaries have been around for a long time, but they haven’t really evolved much. This provides an opportunity for creative Funeral Home Owners. Funeral Home Owners can create a service whereby they produce Blog Obituaries for their customers.

The benefits to family members in having a Blog Obituary versus a standard newspaper obituary are:

  • Much more information about the person’s life can be included, as space is not an issue
  • Images can be inserted
  • The Blog Obituary can technically be online FOREVER — Keeping the memory of their loved-one alive
  • A Blog Obituary can link out to other sites that are relevant to the deceased, such as a charity or even a Flickr Slide Show about their life.

Google Places Listing for Funeral HomeA blog obituary would probably take 2-3 hours to create, and funeral home owners can probably charge anywhere from $250 – $300 for each blog obituary. If you get really creative with your pricing, being that blog articles can be hosted forever, you can price the obituaries two separate ways. The first price would be to create the blog obituary and host it on your blog for 1 month, which would be in that $250 – $300 range. The second price would include the same as the first price, except that you’ll host it as long as the blog is live (theoretically, forever), which you can charge say $400 for. For an extra $100, the family can keep their loved-ones’ memory alive forever.

To create a Blog Obituary Service, you must first start a blog. WordPress offers a great free platform, as well as, a paid service. You should blog about more than just obituaries, as blog articles are a great way to drive traffic to your website. The Obituaries Section can be one section of your blog, just like it is in a newspaper. For those customers who purchase this service, simply schedule some time to learn about the life of the deceased, collect images, and find out how the family wants the person portrayed. Then write the article and send out your invoice. Blog Obituaries are a great way for Funeral Home Owners to add new revenue sources for their business.

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