Beyond the Little Guy – Who’s Looking Out for the Dead Guy?

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We live in an age where consumer rights is a given.  It’s now hard to believe there was a time when companies could deceive customers through false advertising or treat them poorly simply because they were the only game in town.  In the times before regulations to protect the public and consumer advocacy groups, before online reviews and Yelp ratings, companies could take advantage of people quite easily.

These days, that’s all different and, as consumers, many of us already know most – if not all – of the rights that protect us in life.  John F. Kennedy actually lid out the basic foundation for the broad reach of consumer rights.  The list, often referred to as the Consumer Bill of Rights, includes four points:

  • the right to safety
  • the right to be informed
  • the right to choose
  • the right to be heard

While we are accustomed to having these rights in our everyday transactions, many of us don’t realize these rights extend beyond our mortal shopping lives.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) is a non-profit organization that strives to ensure funerals are dignified and affordable.  In order to achieve this goal, the FCA engages in a number of efforts to help educate, inform and protect the public.  Among their many forms of service, the FCA

• serves as a monitoring agent for funeral trends and practices. If it finds abuses, the organization exposes them to avoid further abuse.
• offers consumers the resources and information they need so they know about other options they can use besides a funeral home.
• lobbies for legislation and reform when it is needed in the funeral industry.
• provides credible and accurate information to the media about the funeral industry and death and dying in general.
• gives guidance to local funeral businesses about planning, memorials and other issues in the industry.
• helps keep more than 100 funeral planning societies in contact so they can exchange information and ideas regarding the industry.

The FCA works with national organizations to provide options for grieving families, including burial options, funeral cars and other necessities for a dignified funeral.

As you can see, the FCA is there for you. It’s also a non-profit organization that strives to help people understand the concept of death and make them respectful of it.


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