A Hearse for a Pet Funeral?

June 16, 2017 | | Comments 0

Pet funerals are becoming more and more popular these days. With people treating their pets more like family members, they mourn the death of a pet just as much as the death of a human loved one. One Pennsylvania-based cemetery recognizes that emotional connection and is offering funeral services and burial for pets.

The Jefferson Memorial Cemetery in Pleasant Hills is offering pet burials alongside their services for people. The burials include a casket, lot, grave opening and graveside service. Larger animals are more expensive and you can get more features and amenities for a higher cost. The cemetery will also arrange for cremation at a different location if those are your wishes for your pet.

“We’re trying to fill a niche out there. There are so many people for whom their pets are their lives,” explained Michael Walker, the cemetery’s sales manager.

The pet burials will be in the “Garden of Faithful Friends,” a separate section of the cemetery. One area of this section will be for pets only while another area will be designated for pet owners who wish to be buried alongside their pet.

Meanwhile, in what can only be labelled as the ultimate example of funerary irony, funeral homes in China (home of the annual dog meat festival) are also offering elaborate funeral options for the pets of their clients.  In China, these funerals can range from a few modest options to luxury funerals which include cremation services or burial.   These pet funeral services are a new addition to China, but they have become especially popular with well to do citizens who want to honor their pets with the same zeal they use when honoring and burying a family member.

If you prefer to have a more elaborate funeral before the burial, you can arrange a service for your pet and then have a hearse or funeral cars transport the remains to the cemetery.  As more and more funeral homes adapt to meet the changing needs of the public, these options are becoming increasingly common.

What do you think about these kinds of funerals for pets?  Would you be willing to pay hundreds or even thousands to bury your pet?

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