5 Ways Funeral Homes Can Connect With Clients Online

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Branching out and finding new ways to connect with clients is an important component of any long-term business plan.  These days, having a presence online simply isn’t enough – you need to have online interaction as well.  There are a number of ways you can be open and accessible online and each one can easily boost your presence online and in the minds of potential clients.

1. Provide Opportunities for Self-Service

Today’s customer often wants to just cut to the chase when it comes to major investments or delicate topics.  Funeral needs checks both of these boxes and this is why offering various forms of self service is an important part of any funeral home’s online strategy.  Self-service options include:

  • Funeral Cost Estimator – Create a guide so clients can select everything from full burial or simple cremation.  Include options for extras and notes for personal touches.  This will give them a better sense of being in control and it gives your team insight into what’s important to them.
  • Simple Obituary Generator – Give users a few template obituaries to choose from and have them enter things like name, date of birth and other details.  Then you can have a simple script rewrite the template with the relevant details.
  • Interactive Online Brochures – Revamp your funeral home’s traditional brochures into dynamic and interactive displays online.  When possible, create infographics to break down various issues or processes.
  • Show Off Your Extras – If your funeral home offers specialized memorial services, burial/cremation options or one of a kind funeral cars, add a gallery or other form of presentation on your website.

2. Answer Common Questions

One of the best ways to connect with people online is by offering them answers to their questions with no strings attached.  A blog for a funeral home is a wise investment of time and resources since it gives potential clients the best possible first impression.  Offering high-quality content packed with useful and well researched information without a paywall places you in a positive light from the start.  Trust is all abut transparency so be up front about common issues.  The key is to write from the perspective of the reader, not of your company.  Give them the information they need without shoving your sales lines into every paragraph.  There’s nothing wrong with directing links to related options through your website or ways to contact you for more information, but your content pages shouldn’t be seen as sales tools.  Instead, view them as your first line of public relations and create something that will empower customers.

3. Be Available Online

Offering a 24/7 chat option probably isn’t realistic, but making yourself available when you’re in your office can be just as effective.  You can download a chat add on that allows you to be online as and when someone is available.  When offline, you can direct them to an email contact form and make it a point to answer those emails as part of your morning routine.

4. Meet Customers Where They Are

Traditionally, the work surrounding pre-need or other funeral arrangements have been done over the phone or in person.  But as times change, so do customer expectations.  These days, clients may prefer to be contacted via text or email.  Make sure you are accessible across all platforms and that your customers have choice when it comes to how they prefer to contact and interact with you.

5. Respond to Positive and Negative Comments

As you make your funeral home more accessible online, you will encounter plenty of reviews and comments.  While the hope is always that they will be positive the truth is there’s always someone with a complaint.  It can be tempting to erase these from review and social media sites but that would be a mistake.  Instead, respond to complaints directly and publicly.  There isn’t always a need to go into all the details of a particular case in a public forum, but simply responding by saying you’re sorry to hear about the issue and would like to be in touch in order to resolve it can go a long way in showing potential clients you take customer service seriously.


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