What It Means to be a Funeral Director – Part 1

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The funeral industry is one of the more secure and recession-proof industries in the nation. However, it takes a special person to become a funeral director. A person needs to be compassionate, understanding, business savvy and willing to work with dead bodies in order to be successful. The profession is also quite misunderstood. Following are some facts about funeral directors so you can understand them better and hopefully have a new appreciation for them.

• Funeral directors who are licensed to embalm have better job opportunities than those who are not trained in that area.
• Funeral directors must be licensed in the state in which they practice. If they relocate, they must receive licensing in the other state before practicing their profession.
• In the past (and even sometimes today), funeral directors are also called morticians and undertakers. Those names have negative connotations, though. That’s why “funeral director” is the preferred term.
• Funeral directors arrange all parts of the funeral in conjunction with the family, including the times of wakes, who performs the ceremony and the number of funeral cars involved in the procession to the cemetery.
• In addition to that, funeral directors also prepare the obituary and arrange for it to be placed in the newspaper.
• Funeral directors arrange the burial in conjunction with a representative from the burial site. If the burial is in another state, they also arrange the transportation to make that happen successfully.

Interested in being a funeral director yet? Come back next time for more facts about funeral directors and the profession as a whole!

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