Will Green Funerals Change the Way We Do Funerals?

July 04, 2008 | | Comments 0

funeral carsOne of the newest trends in the funeral business is “green funerals.” Although these practices stick close to traditional funerals, there are some differences.

One of the main differences for green funerals is the lack of chemicals. This means that bodies do not get embalmed like in traditional funerals. In addition to that, some places are setting aside natural wooded areas where families can bury loved ones away from the normal cemetery setting. Chemicals and preservatives are prohibited from these areas to keep them as natural as possible.

Another difference is the coffin. Many people who want to help the environment even after their death are either choosing wooden coffins or, where allowed, no coffins at all. The main idea behind this is natural decomposition, almost like a “dust to dust” mentality. Some family members are even making the coffins for their loved ones.

More families are holding wakes and funerals within the home these days, too. This is a growing trend which allows families to feel more involved in the process of saying “goodbye.” In addition to that, it’s also more cost-effective.

Green funerals are quickly becoming popular along with everything else that’s turning “green.” Other things to look for are more efficient funeral cars, more cremations and even more caskets that biodegrade quickly. However you look at it, green funerals might just be here to stay.

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