Today’s Funeral Directors Must Perform Many Activities, Including Driving Hearses

November 12, 2008 | | Comments 0

In an article entitled “Modern Funeral Directors Must Be Well-Rounded,” we learn that today’s funeral directors do more than just help grieving families set up their loved one’s funeral. Modern funeral directors must be experienced in embalming, casketing, driving hearses, dealing with insurance companies and much, much more.

Some funeral directors do even more than that, though. Jacquelyn Taylor is a modern-day funeral director and she is the executive director of the New England Institute at Mount Ida College. This is one of the only places in the nation that offers a bachelor’s degree program for students wishing to enter funeral home management.

The school has been open since 1893, but the curriculum has gone through a variety of changes since its opening. A curriculum that once focused on the technicalities of a funeral business now includes courses on marketing, grief counseling and the ethics of a funeral director. Students must also complete 10 embalmings during their studies in order to complete the course.

In addition to embalming, the students are also tested on how they groom the body and other fine points of getting a body ready for viewing.

The article didn’t mention anything about testing students about their driving skills behind the wheel of hearses and funeral cars. This is another important aspect of comforting a grieving family. But as you can see, funeral directors are becoming more well-rounded and available to meet the needs of the grieving.

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