Tips for Following Funeral Etiquette

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funeral carsKnowing how to follow funeral etiquette correctly is essential in today’s society where people have lost respect for others. Funeral etiquette shows that you care enough to be respectful to the grieving. Whether you are riding in the funeral cars with the bereaved or simply going to pay your respects, here are a few ways to follow proper funeral etiquette.

1. Avoid being negative. A funeral is not the time to rehash any problems you had with the deceased or anything else that is negative. Mourning families want to remember their loved one fondly and negativity does not help anybody.
2. Dress appropriately. You do not need to wear black when going to a funeral, but do not dress in bright or flashy colors either. Be conservative when picking out your outfit and avoid anything that is too “happy” or “cheerful.”
3. Turn off any electronic device before entering the funeral home. It’s very disrespectful for your cell phone to start ringing when people are mourning around you.
4. Do not bring small children to the service. They do not understand the somberness of the occasion and they may take attention away from the speaker.
5. Approach the casket or family as soon as you arrive. It is disrespectful to mingle with other guests before paying your respects to the family.

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