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pennsylvaniaOn Tuesday, we told you about Shaw Funeral Home, a funeral business in Battle Creek, Michigan that just celebrated 100 years of ownership by the same family.

Before funeral cars and hearses were even thought of, the Shaw Funeral Home was in its beginning stages. It started as the Buck, Hoyt and Co. funeral home in 1866. That was a time when funeral directors prepared bodies for viewing in homes and churches. The business went through a couple owners before Frank Shaw purchased it in 1909. He moved it to Battle Creek, making it the first residential funeral home in the town.

At the time, people were starting to have more funerals in funeral homes rather than their personal homes. Others objected to the new trends, but homes were getting smaller and could not accommodate funerals. Some other things that have changed include:

• More people are choosing cremation over traditional burials.
• Cell phones have made it possible for funeral directors to leave the office while still being available to grieving families.
• Funeral cars and hearses have revolutionized the industry as the deceased can be buried miles away from where their services are held.

After reading stories like this, it makes you wonder how much the funeral industry will change in the next 100 years!

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