Limits on Funeral Cars and Parking in Pennsylvania

December 08, 2008 | | Comments 0

The city council in Reading, Pennsylvania has been faced with a decision to make regarding funeral cars and double parking. As the law stands right now, the city does not allow people to double park on streets even if it is for funerals. In addition to that, the city only allows eight funeral cars per block.

Mike Feeney, a local funeral director, is trying to get those regulations changed. Most funeral processions have at least 15 to 20 cars. He told the council that the current regulations mean that he and other funeral directors must park funeral cars three blocks away in some cases. And, as he said, it’s not easy getting those people back together for the procession to the burial site.

Strangely enough, these rules were enacted about ten years ago. However, they have not been enforced until the last couple years. The city council said it would look at the laws again, but they didn’t promise any changes. “Legislatively,” said Councilwoman Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz, “we can’t give people a right to double park.” She went on to say, “But maybe we can get a working agreement.”

Do you have any thoughts on this matter? I don’t feel that funeral cars are a nuisance when they are double parked. But in today’s society where everybody is in a hurry and less respectful of mourners, I can see why some people would get mad and want these laws enforced.

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