How to Learn More About the Quirky World of Funeral Business

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Some of you might remember Richard O’Brien from the 1975 cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. O’Brien has enjoyed a long career in offbeat film, television and stage shows since those days, including the Rocky Horror sequel Shock Treatment and the gamer geek flick Dungeons and Dragons.


In 2008, O’Brien was back on London television screens with a quirky new show that was a hit with many fans.  Richard O’Brien’s Dead Strange traveled the country to teach viewers all about the odd side of the funeral business and associated rituals. The show investigated weird wills, offbeat family rituals, unusual funeral cars, bizarre deaths and other macabre yet fascinating topics.

The short-lived show investigated a group of early surfing pioneers, practicing on coffin lids; Volkswagen camper hearses; the mystery of Jay’s Grave on Dartmoor and plenty of surprises.

The only catch? When it premiered, the show was only broadcast in London. For those of us on this side of the Atlantic, it may be difficult to catch episodes.  Some fans have uploaded episodes online though they can still be difficult to source.

Funerals and death in general are among the last remaining television taboos, and the popularity of this show and others like it are expected to finally break down those walls. While death remains a serious topic that deserves respect, it is something that humans have an innate fascination for. This show and others like it often give viewers their first glimpse into the realities of the funeral business.  For some, it’s the first time they realize that the quirkiness of the funeral business is a perfect match for their own personality.

What do you think? Do you want to watch a show based on funeral cars, funeral rituals and bizarre deaths? Or do you think the show has crossed a line that should never be crossed? Your thoughts are welcome!

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