Heritage Coach Featured Funeral Hearses for March 2015

March 27, 2015 | | Comments 0

As the month comes to a close we want to share with you our featured funeral hearses for March 2015. The three funeral hearses featured are: 2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley, 2004 Cadillac Victoria and 2005 Cadillac Victoria.

For more information on any of the hearses below or any of our inventory, please call us at 610-862-0560.

2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley

This 2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley is gray with black interior and just over 37K miles. Save over $2,000 right now online.

2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley

2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley Side

2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley Rear

2004 Cadillac Victoria

The 2004 Cadillac Victoria has just over 22K miles and is currently discounted $8K from the original price. The VIN is 1GEEH00Y24U500882.

2004 Cadillac Victoria

2004 Cadillac Victoria Side

2004 Cadillac Victoria Rear

2005 Cadillac Victoria

The blue 2005 Cadillac Victoria with blue interior has just under 24K miles and is now discounted $5k.

2005 Cadillac Victoria

2005 Cadillac Victoria Side

2005 Cadillac Victoria Rear

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