Heritage Coach Featured Funeral Hearses for January 2015

January 05, 2015 | | Comments 1

The featured funeral hearses for January 2015 include the 2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley and 2011 Cadillac S&S Medalist. We are located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. We are just 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia.

2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley

Enjoy a current savings of over $2K right now on the 2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley. This gray hearse comes with black interior and has under 38K miles.


2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley Back Interior

2006 Cadillac Eagle Kingsley Back

2011 Cadillac S&S Medalist

The 2011 Cadillac S&S Medalist special internet price is now below $70K. This hearse has just over 34K miles and is black with black interior.

2011 Cadillac S&S Medalist front

2011 Cadillac S&S Medalist side

2011 Cadillac S&S Medalist back

If you have questions on the hearses above or any inventory please call us at us at 610-862-0560 or visit our home page.

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  1. Isaac Brown says:

    Would love yo try the 2011 Hearse. Been with TCF for over a year now never been late. My #s have been going up .just started my 6th yr.Look forward to hearing fom you .561-253-5921. Isaac Brown

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