Hearses Make Great Family Cars

January 05, 2009 | | Comments 4

Normally, hearses are used to transport deceased bodies to their final resting place. However, the White family has a completely different idea for hearses.

In the town of Springvale, Maine, residents often see the White family drive around in a 1990 hearse that the father purchased off of eBay. While it was used for its original purpose for 16 years, it gave more than 15,000 deceased people their final ride. But when Dan White purchased it and gave it the license plate MORBID1, he and his wife did something completely different.

Today, the White family uses the hearse to bring groceries home from the store, take their kids to school events and make sure their teens and friends have a safe and unique ride to the prom. In addition, they rent their services to people celebrating a divorce and other special events.

To accomplish this, the Whites had to do some modifications to the inside. After all, funeral cars aren’t designed to carry many people in the sitting position. They installed a minivan seat and an entertainment system that passengers just die for.

Their fascination with death-related things does not end with hearses, though. The family has company named Morbid Productions which runs a haunted attraction during the Halloween season and makes caskets for pets throughout the year.

This is truly a unique use for hearses.

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  1. david lagrange says:

    Hi can anyone tell me how i can contact dan white to rent his hearse i have spent forever trying to find this article i am having a halloween wedding and would love to have him chauffer my wedding party

  2. Evelyn Sterry says:

    hi i was interested in renting the hearse limo for a wedding next year. where are you located? and is it possiable?

  3. James Fishel says:

    Hello! Looking for a used hearse exactly like the one in the picture above (vingate early 1950’s). My side job is a car show/cruise night disc jockey for the past 30 years. I have picked up the Cadillac and LaSalle club’s two summer shows and this would serve multiple purposes. Please forward any leads.

    Thank you


  4. Ryan G says:

    @James maybe we can help you with finding this. We operate this blog for Heritage Coach.

    Go to and create an account so you can post this comment as a Request in your local market. Provide as much or as little information about yourself and what you are looking for and we can go from there.

    You can call me at 866-653-2161 if you have a questions.

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