Hearses in Demonstration Make Somber Point

April 15, 2009 | | Comments 0

philadelphiaBrewster High School in Southeast, New York was the setting for a sad demonstration of something that happens all too often on the roads today. Firefighters and other emergency workers in the area staged a mock crash that resulted in a hearse pulling up to take the driver on her last ride. It was a demonstration that showed students the dangers of talking on their cell phones while driving.

Any time you want to make a point, funeral cars and hearses are a great way to get somebody’s attention. In this case, the students at the high school watched from atop a hill. The firefighters cut the roof off of one car to get the mock victim out as fake blood pooled on the ground around one driver.

The girl that was taken away from the “accident” was covered in a sheet and placed in a hearse by employees of Beecher Funeral Home.

“I think it’s good for everyone to come out and see what can happen,” said one student who witnessed the demonstration. “Hopefully, it teaches us to driver safer.”

This may have been just a demonstration about what can happen when teenagers use a cell phone behind the wheel, but people are taken away in hearses all the time because they think they can multitask while driving. Don’t let this be you. Concentrate on the road when you are driving and don’t become a statistic or the subject of a demonstration like this.

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