Hearses Getting Larger to Accommodate Larger Bodies

August 24, 2009 | | Comments 2

funeral carsIt’s no secret that America has an obesity problem. All you have to do is take a look around and see that we are simply getting fatter. As a result, many industries are changing their products to accommodate that trend.

The funeral industry is no exception. Companies are manufacturing larger caskets, funeral cars and vaults so the super-sized corpses can fit inside. Instead of trying to squeeze the obese person in the normal-sized products, the larger products will make the whole process easier for funeral directors and others involved with laying the person to rest.

“People are eating more and, in most cases, a standard casket will not be suitable,” said Bob Mayhew, the owner of Mayhew Funeral Home in Jackson, Ohio. He has had to bury a man that weighed about 900 pounds. He required a casket that was 37 inches wide as well as an oversized vault to accommodate the size of the body. Mayhew said that is not even the biggest casket they make, which says something about the obesity problem in our society.

Currently, the funeral industry is trying to increase the size of crypts, burial plots and funeral cars. As a result, you may start seeing oversized hearses and larger plots in the near future.

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  1. Jodi Lusl says:

    Oh my God!!! What are we doing to ourselves? Is our lives really worth a pizza and two cheeseburgers?? There is NO reason that our Funeral Homes should be making larger caskets. Everyone in America and the world for that matter seems to be okay with the fact that we’re all slowly killing ourselves and leaving our family members behind to clean up our mess. How much more is it costing to have a casket specially made because your loved one is overweight. It’s ridiculous and completely unnecessary.

  2. jeffrey says:

    I really really really really agree it it ridiculous and completely unnecessary it don’t make no since at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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