Hearses Gather for Frozen Dead Guy Celebration

March 20, 2010 | | Comments 0

Earlier this month, the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration took place in Colorado. The event is one that brings hearses, caskets and cold temperatures all to the same place for a fun and festive three-day celebration in honor of “Grandpa” Bredo Morstoel, a man who died in Norway about 20 years ago and was transported to Colorado after being cryogenically frozen. His grandson and the wife of Bredo kept the body behind their house in a shed. The grandson was eventually deported and his mother was evicted. However, the frozen guy stayed in the shed.

Coloradoans began holding the macabre festival in 2002 which is like a cross between Oktoberfest and Halloween, according to one student at the University of Colorado. People dress up as morticians and some paint their faces to represent death-like masks and more. There is a Parade of Hearses, coffin races, a Polar Plunge and more festivities to make the three-day event fun and exciting and a popular draw for people from all over the area. According to Nederland police Sgt. Jake Adler, the attendance at this year’s event was higher than previous years because the weather was warmer than usual.

The crowd was so large, in fact, the Brain Freeze booze tent had to expand its drinking area beyond the temporary pedestrian mall. One of the more popular drinks of the weekend was “Grandpa’s Spirit,” a vodka-based drink that had everybody feeling good.

Frozen Dead Guy Days is a fun event that happens every year. As it becomes more and more popular, there are sure to be larger crowds and more festivities to entertain the people who show up for this fun yet macabre event.

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