Hearses are Not Good Places to Store a Dead Body

February 27, 2009 | | Comments 0

pennsylvaniaA funeral home director in Gadsden, Alabama recently received a hefty fine for abuse of a corpse for storing a body in one of his hearses. It might not sound like such a bad thing to do, but the body was stored in there for several months…possibly even a year or more.

The woman died at the end of 2007. The funeral director stored the body in his facility for awhile awaiting payment from the family to cremate her. He never received payment and eventually decided to stash it in one of the funeral cars in his fleet to get it out of the way. It was discovered earlier this week when two people wishing to buy the hearse started looking through it to see if they really wanted it.

Geff Wright of the Gadsden Police Department had this to say about the funeral director: “He’s a good man, runs a good business. The only thing I can say is he’s made a mistake. He let something get in the way of his better judgment. Either he was ill at the family or it happened to him before, he was ill but he’s made a mistake here.”

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